video mdv, 5 min., 2000-2001
sound Leandro Fresco


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In an atmosphere of artifice a juggler spins dishes in the air. Sometime she losses control and the dishes fall and she begins again. The gaze is focused more on the movement than on control or the contingency of skill. In Turning Round, both form part of the same phenomenological universe.

The sound has been created from a recording of kitchen activities.
The video is part of Chat project, Meeting Places, Boijmans Museum, Rotterdam 2001-02.

Turning Round was exhibed in:
Aurora del video, CCEA Centro Cultural de España de Asunción, Paraguay. 2004.
Hábitos, Ciclo de video, Estudio Abierto, Palacio Barolo, Buenos Aires, 2004
Ciclo Autores, Canal Ciudad Abierta.Public TV . 2003
Ciclo MAMBA, Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires, 2002
Video emergencia, galería MOPT, Mar del Plata. Museo de Bellas Artes, Mendoza, 2002