Number of pieces: 18
Measures variables
Sheets of aluminum cut by laser and enameled.

Traps and Drills / Subte, Montevideo / Uruguay y Villa Victoria Ocampo, Mar del Plata, curator: Graciela Taquíni, 2002-03
Last Tendencies / MAMBA; Museum of Modern Arte, Buenos Aires, curator: Laura Buchellato2002
Szene from Buenos Aires Franckfort Fair and Ruta Correa Gallery Freiburg, Germany, 1999
Transliminars, curator: Luis Bennedit and Rodrigo Alonso, National Found of Art, 1999
Enchanted landscape, Instituto de Cooperación Latinoamericano (ICI ), 1998.
MAMBA, Museum of Modern Art Buenos Aires collection.

Wreck (Naufragio) : Ming vase , estimate $13.000.000
original 12 x 13 cm resulted: 700 cm x 13 cm.



Chinese's porcelains from Christie's auction are submitted to a pattern that translates the estimate price to cm. It produces a dilatation and contraction process to its horizontal coordinate according to surpasses or depreciates the auction average price.
This operation is translating toward cutting system for metal letters (billboards), which are used by companies or shops.
The pieces are flat (2mm) and are separating of the wall creating an illusory 3 dimensions depth.
Some porcelains take several meters and others almost dissolve. In some point of the presentation space -and like a baroque exercise of anamorphous-, they are possible to perceive their original dimension.
In the surfaces of some pieces there are small drawings from urban icons (black ink).

Enchanted landscape -by means of translations and displacements- interrogates the values of market and their authority in the art universe.