Auctions Market & Money
series, works on art market themes
inkjet printed
Dispari & Dispari
Reggio Emilia
Italia, 2009
(since 2008)

Alicia Herrero

Posters, inkjet printed, 105 x 80 cm, 2008

Critical texts:
Speculationis (Speculations) (2009)
by Marìa Fernanda Cartagena
Performing in the Theatre of The Auction House 
by Gabriela Salgado
Art & Capital (2009)
by Silvia Litardi 
Auction Market & Money
by Alicia Herrero (2008)

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Auctions market & money



The POSTERS are made with advertising slogans and information from the Internet pages of art market advisors. The pattern of design, colors and typographical fonts comes from the street flyers advertising a variety of services in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires city.

Detail POSTER 3 Y 1
105 x 80 cm
dispari & dispari gallery, 2009