auction catalogue
multiple, 2012
300 x 210 x 2 cm
Errata series (since 1998)
exhibition: Museum of the Political Economy of Art (since 2012)
11x7 Gallery, Buenos Aires

Critical Texts:
Capital on/scenities
by Teresa Riccadi
by Silvia Litardi
by Marìa Fernanda Cartagena
Performing in the Theatre of The Auction House
by Gabriela Salgado

More information:
Museum of the Political Economy of Art
Auctions, Market & Money
ArtAuctionMarket en Flickr
Dispari & Dispari



Errata text (spanish)

Lichtenstein Page, folded, resulting measure: 30 x 128 cm

Lichtenstein Page, unfolded (128 cm)

Warhold Page

Errata (since 1998)*

series of works on art market themes.

Through the delusional creation of a canon that transforms dollars to centimeters, Errata examines and reverses catalogues of the Sotheby's and Christie's art auctions, and makes the final price of each artwork be validated on itself, on its own form. The artworks grow or decrease horizontally according to sale prices. Some of these artworks can take several meters and others almost disappear.

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Auction Market & Money.(It also investigates market, money and business impact on our perception of art).